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Thrombopoietin receptor agonists for pediatric refractory chronic immune thrombocytopenia.

Spotlight on eltrombopag in pediatric ITP in China: a long-term observational study in real-world practice.

All-trans retinoic acid plus high-dose dexamethasone as first-line treatment for patients with newly diagnosed immune thrombocytopenia: a multicentre, open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 2 trial.

Safety and efficacy of eltrombopag in the treatment of children with immune thrombocytopenia: a Meta analysis.

Laparoscopic Splenectomy; Single Surgeon, Single Centre Initial Experience At Tertiary Level Hospital In Peshawar.

Megadose Methylprednisolone for Immune Thrombocytopenia in an Infant Positive for SARS-CoV-2: A Case Report.

Mycophenolate Mofetil for First-Line Treatment of Immune Thrombocytopenia.

IL-23/Th17 pathway and IL-17A gene polymorphism in Egyptian children with immune thrombocbytopenic purpura.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in a pregnant women with treatment resistance thrombocytopenic purpura with and suspicion to HELLP syndrome: a case report.

Bernard Soulier syndrome: a rare, frequently misdiagnosed and poorly managed bleeding disorder.

Autoimmune Cytopenia in CLL: Prognosis and Management in the Era of Targeted Therapies.

Vaccine-induced severe thrombotic thrombocytopenia following COVID-19 vaccination: a report of an autoptic case and review of the literature.

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