How MediFind Works

When it comes to your health,
nothing is more valuable than time

There are over 1 million research reports, presentations, and clinical trial results published every year in the medical community. Even a doctor isn’t on top of every advance in their field. Medical knowledge is advancing so rapidly today that even the experts can’t keep up with every new study, advance, or clinical trial. It is estimated that the world’s medical knowledge will double every 73 days.

Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques, we have trained our algorithms to sift through this mass of information and identify those findings that could help you learn about a new treatment or make a better-informed decision about which treatment option to choose.

Then, using our proprietary natural language processing algorithms and our team of medical experts, we extract the most important information and simplify the terminology so you can better understand it. The result is that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not missing an important new treatment, new clinical trial, or new research finding that could help you get the best healthcare right now.

Determining Expertise

While MediFind’s algorithm is a complex, always-on, and ever-changing program, it’s designed around several guiding principles that determine a doctor’s expertise for each health condition.

Perform and publish their own research for that condition
See a large number of patients with a given condition
Peer Standing
Are treated as experts in that condition by other doctors
Are well-connected to other doctors researching that condition
One of a Kind

One of a kind

MediFind is the first platform in the world to collect and integrate doctor and condition information from dozens of medical datasets. This allows MediFind to identify experts who are at the forefront of research and innovation for their respective field.

Why this matters

Are you sure you’re really seeing an expert?

Just because your doctor has a five-star review doesn’t make them an expert. In fact, online user reviews and ratings that exist today have been proven not to correspond to physician expertise at all. By evaluating every bit of information we can get our hands on, we can tell you who really has the experience and expertise you need.

Did you know that doctors frequently disagree?

Even when you see an expert, the recommended treatment plan is usually based on that doctor’s treatment philosophies. Before you decide on a course of action, you should talk to an expert with a different view. Mayo Clinic estimates that nearly 90% of patients seeking a second opinion receive a new or refined diagnosis. And Johns Hopkins researchers concluded that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, right behind heart disease and cancer. Getting a second opinion isn’t just smart… it’s crucial. We can’t tell you how doctors think (yet), but we can tell you which experts are most likely to give you a different point-of-view.

The MediFind Story

We created MediFind with the hope of helping people around the world with serious, chronic, and rare illnesses find better care faster.

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