MediFind Pro


  • Unleashing proprietary tech: Comsort, the original social network science company in health data technology, is now MediFind

    MediFind Pro supports products across the entire lifecycle from Phase II through launch and into competitive product maturity. We collaborate with Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs, and all related functions. Inspired by the personal experiences of CEO Patrick Howie, MediFind was founded to help connect the fractured healthcare ecosystem and dramatically improve the quality and timeliness of appropriate care.

  • Introducing Symptom Checker

    Diagnostic errors are the most common, catastrophic and costly of all medical errors. The first step in getting proper medical treatment is getting correctly diagnosed.

  • Finding the Best Doctors Near You

    Wondering how to find the best doctors near you? If you’re living with a serious or rare disease, you want to know you’re in the very best hands. We built a comprehensive guide to help.

    Find the Best Doctors Near Me
  • Hello, World!

    Today, on Rare Disease Day, we are proud to introduce MediFind, where we use the power of big data to connect patients with the right experts and treatments faster.

    Hello World! Introducing MediFind
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