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Find a Doctor
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When you’re facing a serious health challenge, expertise matters. That’s why we use real-world data to identify doctors with true expertise in your health condition.
Why MediFind?
When it comes to your health, nothing is more valuable than time.
“I'm running out of options, any ideas?” When your brother and best friend, who is facing a serious disease, asks you that question, the result is MediFind. We're the world's most powerful platform for helping you find better care at every step of your health journey.
MediFind delivers hope.
We're helping millions of people find a better pathway to the right treatment.
I was diagnosed with a terminally progressive lung disease back in 2010. It took me 5 years to find the right expert, something that MediFind was able to do in seconds. He put me on a treatment that changed the course of my care. Happily, I’m now considered no longer terminal.
— Greg, living with fibrosing mediastinitis
I gave my 11-year old son one of my kidneys 5 years ago. But his anti-rejection treatments weren’t working and his doctor recommended an experimental treatment as the only remaining option. MediFind identified the world’s experts for this condition, located in Austria. These doctors consulted with my son’s local doctors and changed my son’s treatment based on their new research. Without being able to find these experts through MediFind, who knows what would have happened?
— Adam, researching organ rejection
Finally, a platform with a reliable approach to selecting your doctor. MediFind is an excellent and reliable tool. I highly recommend it!
— Dr. Lisa Medalie, PsyD, RPSGT, DBSM
For my condition, information is all over the place and MediFind pulls it all together. It helps me wrap my head around the disease. I feel empowered.
— Mike, living with multiple myeloma is a great way to quickly find the best doctors and the latest research on brain cancer.
— Beth, Keep Punching (Let’s Knock Out Brain Cancer)
When my young cousin was diagnosed with a rare cancer, our family spent years looking for the best doctors and treatments. MediFind makes it so much easier to find and understand all the complicated medical information that we had to piece together ourselves back then. MediFind could have saved months or maybe even years of precious time.
— Sarah, investigating neuroendocrine cancer
MediFind gives me access to medical-grade information in an easy to understand way. It’s more helpful than other medical sites I have visited.
— Brian, patient in California
When I was looking for a doctor, all I could find were reviews that talked about things like how nice the receptionist was. Who cares? There was no information about if the doctor was an expert for my disease or not. MediFind is different because it’s based on real information, not just people’s opinions about stuff that doesn’t really matter.
— Kyra, investigating ulcerative colitis
I used MediFind to help a family find some needed second opinion help with very “brittle” Type I diabetes, with the special challenge of nighttime hypoglycemia. Fabulous! Thank you MediFind (and the MediFind team!)
— Dr. John DeMaio, M.D.
This is so helpful! There is information overload and you just don’t know where to start. I read why you started this webpage it is truly inspirational. Thank you so much for your help and this webpage.
— Pancreatic cancer caregiver in Houston, TX
Thank you for all your help… it not only gives me positive hope and directions but importantly confidence with [my doctor]… Many thanks again. I appreciate that.
— Complex focal dystonia patient in Sydney, Australia
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Healthcare needs help. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. And currently, 88% of initial diagnoses are changed or revised. We want to change that, by giving you access to the best resources available.
More than 2.5 million doctors from around the world
Over 100,000 research articles reviewed monthly
Disease cell and DNA strand
Thousands of conditions, including complex & rare diseases
Comprehensive Tools
You can do it.
MediFind seamlessly collects and integrates data from dozens of medical data sources, putting all the information you need at your fingertips.
Condition Search
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From the very rare to very common, learn about your diagnosis and what it means to you.
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Find A Doctor
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To arrive at the best care solution, you need access to as many options as possible. Our physician index is constantly growing to ensure up-to-date results.
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Symptom Checker
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When symptoms appear, we help you understand what might be going on. Our symptom checker takes just a few minutes to complete.
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Second Opinion
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When you're evaluating options, it's always recommended to get medical opinions from several sources.
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Latest Advances
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Stay informed on your condition with the latest news, research, and treatment advances. We make it easy by reviewing and summarizing all leading medical journals.
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Clinical Trials
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Discover opportunities to try cutting-edge treatments for your condition. We compile lists of all active and ongoing clinical trials for each condition.
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