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  • Condition: Wounds
  • Journal: Journal of medical case reports
  • Treatment Used: Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • Number of Patients: 1
  • Published —
The study researched the use of platelet-rich plasma for treating wounds.
  • Condition: Subperiosteal Orbital Abscess caused by Acute Sinusitis
  • Journal: Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology, head, and neck surgery
  • Treatment Used: Surgery
  • Number of Patients: 11
  • Published —
The study researched the outcomes of surgery in patients with acute sinusitis complicated with orbital subperiosteal abscess.
  • Condition: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Bloodstream Infections (BI)
  • Journal: Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • Treatment Used: Switching to Daptomycin vs Remaining on Vancomycin
  • Number of Patients: 8017
  • Published —
This study compared the effectiveness of switching to daptomycin versus remaining on vancomycin for patients with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bloodstream infections (caused by a type of staph bacteria that's become resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections; BI).
  • Condition: Invasive Gram-positive Infections
  • Journal: International journal of antimicrobial agents
  • Treatment Used: Dalbavancin Versus Standard Care
  • Number of Patients: 215
  • Published —
In this study, researchers compared the effectiveness of dalbavancin versus standard care for the treatment of invasive Gram-positive infections. 
  • Condition: Cochlear Implant Infection
  • Journal: Journal of wound care
  • Treatment Used: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Number of Patients: 1
  • Published —
In this study, researchers sought to determine the best treatment for a cochlear implant infection around the auricle.
  • Condition: Knee and Hip Periprosthetic Joint Infection
  • Journal: BMC musculoskeletal disorders
  • Treatment Used: Debridement, Antibiotics, and Implant Retention (DAIR)
  • Number of Patients: 57
  • Published —
This study evaluated the effect of bacteria drug resistance profile on the success rates of debridement, antibiotics, and implant retention (DAIR) in the treatment of knee and hip periprosthetic joint infection.
  • Condition: Skin and Soft Tissue Defects Caused by Necrotizing Fasciitis
  • Journal: Zhonghua shao shang za zhi = Zhonghua shaoshang zazhi = Chinese journal of burns
  • Treatment Used: Pedicled Anterolateral Thigh Flaps
  • Number of Patients: 6
  • Published —
In this study, researchers evaluated the outcomes of pedicled anterolateral thigh flaps in repairing skin and soft tissue defects in the genital region caused by necrotizing fasciitis.
  • Condition: COVID-19
  • Journal: Medical hypotheses
  • Treatment Used: Ibuprofen Nebulizable Solution
  • Number of Patients: 0
  • Published —
This article discusses the use of an ibuprofen nebulizable solution for the treatment of COVID-19.
  • Condition: Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI)
  • Journal: The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
  • Treatment Used: Levonadifloxacin vs Linezolid
  • Number of Patients: 500
  • Published —
This study compared the effectiveness and safety of levonadifloxacin versus linezolid for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI).
  • Condition: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection
  • Journal: Revista chilena de infectologia : organo oficial de la Sociedad Chilena de Infectologia
  • Treatment Used: Daptomycin
  • Number of Patients: 0
  • Published —
In this study, researchers evaluated the safety and effectiveness of using daptomycin for the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in children.
  • Condition: Infective Endocarditis (IE)
  • Journal: The Journal of international medical research
  • Treatment Used: Hemodialysis (HD) vs. Non-Hemodialysis (non-HD)
  • Number of Patients: 164
  • Published —
This study clarified differences in characteristics and outcomes between patients with infective endocarditis (IE) receiving long-term hemodialysis (HD) and those not receiving hemodialysis (non-HD).
  • Condition: Dermatological Conditions
  • Journal: Dermatology online journal
  • Treatment Used: Gentian Violet
  • Number of Patients: 0
  • Published —
This review of the literature examined the use of gentian violet in the treatment of dermatological conditions.
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