Announcing our Partnership with Chive Charities

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MediFind + Chive Charities

We’re on a mission to help people living with complex health challenges find better care, faster. That’s why we’re so proud to announce our partnership with Chive Charities!

Chive Charities supports veterans, first responders, and rare medical diagnosees with life-changing grants and spreads awareness through sharing the personal stories of grit, courage, and never giving up. Since 2012, Chive Charities has provided grants to over 270 rare medical recipients with more than $10.5M in aid.

MediFind is partnering with Chive Charities

We’ll be sharing these incredible stories with our community and connecting affected families to information on the top experts, latest research, and active clinical trials for these rare diseases.

Get involved with Chive Charities

Check out all the amazing work Chive Charities is doing and consider becoming part of the Chive Charities community.

If you are directly affected by a rare disease, you can submit an application for consideration.

If you’d like to help, you can also learn about all the ways to support Chive Charities, including volunteering, becoming a donor, spreading the word, donating your airline miles, using Amazon Smile, and more. Help make the world 10% happier!

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