Introducing Symptom Checker

The first step in getting proper medical treatment is getting correctly diagnosed. With over 7,000 diseases, however, it is nearly impossible for any doctor to be able to understand the signs and symptoms of each and every disease. The sad reality is that “diagnostic errors are the most common, catastrophic and costly of all medical errors.” (Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine) As part of our mission to help everyone find better care, faster, MediFind is proud to introduce the world’s most powerful Symptom Checker for patients.

MediFind’s Symptom Checker is built on powerful AI that analyzes symptoms along with medical history and other patient characteristics to provide a list of possible matching conditions, along with general likelihood for each of these results. Users can then learn about the condition and locate the best doctors for each condition on, dramatically speeding up the time to correct diagnosis and treatment. Our tool has been professionally validated over many years with several peer-reviewed articles appearing in medical journals.

We aim to use the power of technology to help people be proactive with their health, especially in these uncertain times. Explore the Symptom Checker at and please share with others.

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