Learn About Aluminosis

What is the definition of Aluminosis?
Aluminosis, also known as pulmonary aluminosis, is an industrial lung disease (pneumoconiosis) caused by the inhalation of aluminum dust that results in permanent pulmonary fibrosis (scaring).
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What are the symptoms of Aluminosis?
Symptoms of aluminosis may include severe difficulty breathing upon exertion and a non-productive cough.
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What are the current treatments for Aluminosis?
Treatment for aluminosis focuses on alleviating symptoms. There is no known effective treatment for aluminosis which may cause death several years after aluminum inhalation.
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What are the Latest Advances for Aluminosis?

There is no recent research available for this condition. Please check back because thousands of new papers are published every week and we strive to find and display the most recent relevant research as soon as it is available.