Angiosarcoma of the Scalp

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What is the definition of Angiosarcoma of the Scalp?

Angiosarcoma of the scalp is a very rare cancer which most commonly affects the elderly. Symptoms of this condition begin with a bruise-like lesions that progresses to an open or bleeding wound. These lesions will grow in size and, without treatment, the cancer will spread to other parts of the body ...

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What is the outlook (prognosis) for Angiosarcoma of the Scalp?

Angiosarcoma of the scalp is considered an aggressive cancer with an unfavorable prognosis.  Without treatment,
the original tumor typically increases in size and may bleed or form an open sore (ulcer).  Eventually, the tumor is likely to spread (metastasize) into nearby tissues or to other parts of the body, such as the lungs.  The progression of this condition depends on the initial size of the tumor and whether there are multiple spots (multifocal lesions).  Studies have found that, even with treatment, half of affected individuals survive for 15 to 22 months following diagnosis, and approximately one third survive for five years.

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Latest Research

Latest Advance
  • Condition: Angiosarcoma
  • Journal: Zhonghua zhong liu za zhi [Chinese journal of oncology]
  • Treatment Used: Comprehensive treatment
  • Number of Patients: 69
  • Published —
The study aimed to understand angiosarcoma treatments and characteristics.
Latest Advance
  • Condition: Facial and Scalp Angiosarcoma
  • Journal: Annals of plastic surgery
  • Treatment Used: Surgery combined with Adjuvant Therapy
  • Number of Patients: 15
  • Published —
This study investigated multiple management strategies to treat patients with facial and scalp angiosarcoma.
Latest Advance
  • Condition: Scalp Angiosarcomas (SA)
  • Journal: Surgical oncology
  • Treatment Used: Surgery
  • Number of Patients: 589
  • Published —
This study assessed the impact of different therapies on overall survival (OS), the practice patterns nationally, and identify factors associated with overall survival for non-metastatic scalp angiosarcomas.
Latest Advance
  • Condition: Cutaneous Angiosarcoma
  • Journal: Hong Kong medical journal = Xianggang yi xue za zhi
  • Treatment Used: Various
  • Number of Patients: 17
  • Published —
In this study, researchers sought to determine the best treatment for cutaneous angiosarcoma of the scalp and face in Chinese patients.

Clinical Trials

There are no recent clinical trials available for this condition. Please check back because new trials are being conducted frequently.