Learn About Antigen-Peptide-Transporter 2 Deficiency

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What are the Latest Advances for Antigen-Peptide-Transporter 2 Deficiency?

There is no recent research available for this condition. Please check back because thousands of new papers are published every week and we strive to find and display the most recent relevant research as soon as it is available.

What are the latest Antigen-Peptide-Transporter 2 Deficiency Clinical Trials?
Evaluation of Biochemical Markers and Clinical Investigation of Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C

Summary: This study will evaluate clinical and laboratory tests that might be useful in determining if an investigational drug can slow the progression of Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C (NPC), a genetic disorder that results in progressive loss of nervous system function. The study will: 1) look for a clinical or biochemical marker that can be used as a measure of response to treatment, and 2) define the rat...

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Natural History Study of Infantile and Juvenile GM1 Gangliosidosis (GM1) Patients

Summary: Owing to the rarity, severity, speed of progression and fatal prognosis of infantile and juvenile GM1, there is a limited understanding of overall disease progression and meaningful outcome measures. This study aims to build a natural history data set through collection of a number of clinical, imaging, and laboratory assessments that may be specific predictors of GM1 disease progression and clini...