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Frontometaphyseal dysplasia 1 caused by variant of FLNA gene in a case.

The Prevalence of Genu Varum and Genu Valgum in Overweight and Obese Patients: Assessing the Relationship between Body Mass Index and Knee Angular Deformities.

Results through skeletal maturity of planned fibular nonunion for the treatment of genu varum in achondroplasia: An observational retrospective study.

Combination of Lipofilling With Liposuction in the Correction of Pseudo Genu Varus Deformity.

Same-stage total knee arthroplasty and osteotomy for osteoarthritis with extra-articular deformity. Part I: Tibial osteotomy, prospective study of 26 cases.

Uniplane medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy relative to a biplane osteotomy can reduce the incidence of lateral-hinge fracture.

The impact of residual varus alignment following total knee arthroplasty on patient outcome scores in a constitutional varus population.

Can osteoarthritic patients with mild varus deformity be indicated for high tibial osteotomy?

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