Learn About Caput Succedaneum

What is the definition of Caput Succedaneum?

Caput succedaneum is swelling of the scalp in a newborn. It is most often brought on by pressure from the uterus or vaginal wall during a head-first (vertex) delivery.

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What are the alternative names for Caput Succedaneum?


What are the causes of Caput Succedaneum?

A caput succedaneum is more likely to form during a long or hard delivery. It is more common after the membranes have broken. This is because the fluid in the amniotic sac is no longer providing a cushion for the baby's head. Vacuum extraction done during a difficult birth can also increase the chances of a caput succedaneum.

Caput succedaneum

A caput succedaneum may be detected by prenatal ultrasound, even before labor or delivery begins. It has been found as early as 31 weeks of pregnancy. Very often, this is due to an early rupture of the membranes or too little amniotic fluid. It is less likely that a caput will form if the membranes stay intact.

What are the symptoms of Caput Succedaneum?

Symptoms may include:

  • Soft, puffy swelling on the scalp of a newborn infant
  • Possible bruising or color change on the scalp swelling area
  • Swelling that may extend to both sides of the scalp
  • Swelling that is most often seen on the portion of the head which presented first
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What are the current treatments for Caput Succedaneum?

No treatment is needed. The problem most often goes away on its own within a few days.

Who are the top Caput Succedaneum Local Doctors?
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Trondheim University Hospital

Trondheim, NO 

Torbjorn Eggebo is in Trondheim, Norway. Eggebo is rated as a Distinguished expert by MediFind in the treatment of Caput Succedaneum. They are also highly rated in 2 other conditions, according to our data. Their top areas of expertise are Caput Succedaneum, Urachal Cyst, Macrosomia, and Metabolic Acidosis.

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Santa Maria Hospital

Bari, IT 

Antonio Malvasi is in Bari, Italy. Malvasi is rated as a Distinguished expert by MediFind in the treatment of Caput Succedaneum. He is also highly rated in 5 other conditions, according to our data. His top areas of expertise are Uterine Fibroids, Caput Succedaneum, Hysterectomy, and Ectopic Pregnancy.

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Highly rated in

Addenbrooke's Hospital

Colchester, ENG, GB 

Wassim Hassan is in Colchester, United Kingdom. Hassan is rated as a Distinguished expert by MediFind in the treatment of Caput Succedaneum. He is also highly rated in 1 other condition, according to our data. His top areas of expertise are Caput Succedaneum, Cleft Lip and Palate, and Intrauterine Growth Restriction.

What is the outlook (prognosis) for Caput Succedaneum?

Complete recovery can be expected. The scalp will go back to a normal shape.

What are the possible complications of Caput Succedaneum?

Complications may include a yellow color to the skin (jaundice) if bruising is involved.

When should I contact a medical professional for Caput Succedaneum?

Most of the time, the problem is noticed right after birth. You do not need to call your provider unless you have other questions.

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What are the Latest Advances for Caput Succedaneum?

There is no recent research available for this condition. Please check back because thousands of new papers are published every week and we strive to find and display the most recent relevant research as soon as it is available.

What are our references for Caput Succedaneum?

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