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β-Galactosidase therapy can mitigate blood galactose elevation after an oral lactose load in galactose mutarotase deficiency.
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Replacement of breastfeeding with medical food for the treatment of galactosemia and phenylketonuria: maternal stress.
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Gonadal Tissue Freezing for Fertility Preservation in Individuals at Risk for Ovarian Dysfunction and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Background: Turner Syndrome, galactosemia, and premature ovarian insufficiency are all conditions that may make it very hard or impossible for a person to become pregnant and have their own child. Researchers want to learn more about why this happens and if freezing ovarian tissue allows for fertility preservation.

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An Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Long-Term Safety and Pharmacodynamic Efficacy of AT-007 in Adult Subjects With Classic Galactosemia (CG)

Summary: This study is a 12-month open-label extension (OLE) study of AT-007 in adult subjects with CG who previously participated in Study AT-007-1001 Part D and/or Part D Extension. The study is designed to assess the long-term safety of AT-007 in subjects with CG as well as the pharmacodynamics (PD) (inhibition of galactitol) and PK of AT-007. The effect of 12-month treatment with AT-007 on the levels o...