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  • Condition: Common Cold
  • Journal: Medicine
  • Treatment Used: Eunkyosan (EKS)
  • Number of Patients: 0
  • Published —
This review of the literature assessed the evidence for and against the use of eunkyosan (EKS) formula as a treatment for the common cold.
  • Condition: Prophylaxis and Therapy for COVID-19
  • Journal: Global advances in health and medicine
  • Treatment Used: Ascorbate
  • Number of Patients: 50
  • Published —
This article discusses the possible utility of intravenous (IV) ascorbate in the treatment of COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
  • Condition: Drug-Drug Interaction in Kidney Transplant Patient with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • Journal: Transplant infectious disease : an official journal of the Transplantation Society
  • Treatment Used: Hydroxychloroquine and Lopinavir/ritonavir and Antiviral Drug Replaced with Darunavir/Cobicistat
  • Number of Patients: 1
  • Published —
This case report discusses a 36-year-old kidney transplanted woman affected by Senior-Loken syndrome diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia treated with hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir, and the antiviral drug was replaced with darunavir/cobicistat after two days for diarrhea. Immunosuppressant levels were closely monitored, and the authors observed very high tacrolimus trough levels despite initial dose reduction. The patient was left with steroid therapy alone.
  • Condition: Perennial allergic rhinitis
  • Journal: Complementary therapies in medicine
  • Treatment Used: So-Cheong-Ryong-Tang
  • Number of Patients: 0
  • Published —
The study researched the effects of So-Cheong-Ryong-Tang for perennial allergic rhinitis.
  • Condition: Influenza and common cold
  • Journal: Terapevticheskii arkhiv
  • Treatment Used: Arbidol (Umifenovir)
  • Number of Patients: 359
  • Published —
This study aims to obtain additional data on safety and therapeutic efficacy of the antiviral drug Arbidol (Umifenovir) in patients with a diagnosis of influenza and common cold.
  • Condition: Common Cold
  • Journal: Current medical research and opinion
  • Treatment Used: Immunomodulating Herbal Remedy
  • Number of Patients: 955
  • Published —
In this study, researchers evaluated the safety and effectiveness of a mixture of Baptisiae tinctoriae radix, Echinaceae pallidae/purpureae radix and Thujae occidentalis herba extracts for the treatment of a common cold.
  • Condition: Symptoms of Common Cold
  • Journal: Drugs in R&D
  • Treatment Used: 0.5% Carbomer 980 Gel
  • Number of Patients: 30
  • Published —
This study evaluated intranasal 0.5% carbomer 980 gel nasal tolerability in healthy volunteers and safety and effectiveness in adults with common cold symptoms.
  • Condition: Pediatric Nasal Congestion
  • Journal: Minerva pediatrica
  • Treatment Used: Pirometaxine (Narlisim)
  • Number of Patients: 40
  • Published —
The purpose of the study was to assess the efficacy and safety of Pirometaxine (Narlisim) for the treatment of pediatric nasal congestion.
  • Condition: Upper Respiratory Symptoms
  • Journal: Complementary therapies in medicine
  • Treatment Used: Black elderberry
  • Number of Patients: 180
  • Published —
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of black elderberry on upper respiratory symptoms caused from a viral infection.
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