Learn About Conjunctivitis with Pseudomembrane

What is the definition of Conjunctivitis with Pseudomembrane?
"Conjunctivitis ("pink eye") with pseudomembrane is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (membrane that lines the eyelid and whites of the eyes) combined with the formation of an inflammatory exudate composed of fibrin that coagulates on the conjunctiva. The pseudomembrane appears as a thin, yellow-white membrane. Conjunctivitis with pseudomembrane is caused by viral or bacterial infections or as the result of an injury from a foreign body in the eye."
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What are the symptoms of Conjunctivitis with Pseudomembrane?
Symptoms of conjunctivitis with pseudomembrane include reddened whites of the eyes (sclera) and eyelids, swollen blood vessels in the eye, eye pain, discharge from the eye, sensitivity to light, and the development of a thin, yellow-white membrane (pseudomembrane) over the conjunctiva.
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What are the current treatments for Conjunctivitis with Pseudomembrane?
Treatment for conjunctivitis with pseudomembrane includes the use of compresses, artificial tears, antimicrobial medications, steroids, and removal of the pseudomembrane by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist).
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Bilateral Moraxella Keratitis in a Healthy Person after an Episode of Conjunctivitis: A Case Report.
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