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Last Updated : 06/20/2022

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Effects of expanded frontal-parietal pedicled flap in reconstructing cervical scar contracture deformity in children after burns.

Clinical effects of free transplantation of expanded thoracodorsal artery perforator flaps in reconstructing cervical cicatrix contracture deformity after burns.

Clinical effects of free transplantation of expanded ilioinguinal flaps in the reconstruction of severe scar contracture deformity after extensive burns.

Aesthetic reconstruction of the scar contracture deformity in chin and neck with expanded flaps based on the "MRIS" principle.

Two-Staged Total Knee Arthroplasty in Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis with Severe Flexion Deformity: A Case Report.

Application of thin free lateral femoral circumflex artery perforator flap in repair of scar contracture deformity in hand and foot.

The Foot in Cerebral Palsy.

Application of modified three longitudinal and five transverse method in perforating branch location before anterolateral thigh perforator flap repair.

Antegrade Foreheadplasty: A Novel Surgical Approach for Upper Eyelid Contracture Deformities in Pediatric Patients.

Repair of severe flexion contracture deformity of adjacent fingers with trifoliated flap from toe web in six patients.

Clinical effectiveness of simultaneous reconstructions of multiple joint scar contracture deformity of limb.

Clinical effect of bi-layered artificial dermis and autologous skin graft in repairing bone and/or tendon exposed wounds.

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Last Updated : 06/20/2022