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Myocardial Infarction and resuscitation of an adolescent: consequences of an unexplained disease.

An 11-Year-Old Saudi Arabian Girl Who Presented with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection with Coronary Artery Aneurysm and Cardiac Involvement: A Case Report.

Left coronary button aneurysm presenting with progressive enlargement after aortic root replacement.

Huge Coronary Aneurysm in a Morbidly Obese Man with Exertional Dyspnea and Chest Pain.

Surgical Treatment for Giant Coronary Aneurysm Complicated by Acute Myocardial Infarction and Cardiopulmonary Arrest:Report of a Case.

Sudden cardiac death in a young boy with multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children (MISC).

Coronary artery bypass grafting in a child with Kawasaki disease.

Factors affecting the duration of coronary artery lesions in patients with the Kawasaki disease: a retrospective cohort study.

Giant coronary artery aneurysms involving more than one coronary artery: case report.

COVID-19 related multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C): a case series from a tertiary care pediatric hospital in Qatar.

Congenital coronary artery-to-pulmonary fistula with giant aneurysmal dilatation and thrombus formation: a case report and review of literature.

Cardiac Tamponade due to a Ruptured Giant Coronary Artery Aneurysm.

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