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Facial Dysmorphology in Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome.

Detection of intracranial hypertension in children using optical coherence tomography: a systematic review.

Quality of life in patients with craniosynostosis and deformational plagiocephaly: A Systematic Review.

Autopsy Case of Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2, a Phenotype of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor-Associated Craniosynostosis Syndromes, with Tracheal Cartilage Sleeve and Abnormal Hyperplasia of Bronchial Cartilages.

Feasibility and Repeatability of Handheld Optical Coherence Tomography in Children With Craniosynostosis.

Prevalence of cleft lip and palate and associated factors in Brazil's Midwest: a single-center study.

Tracheal cartilaginous sleeve in Pfeiffer syndrome: lesson learnt from its rarity.

Ultra-early synostectomy and cranial remodeling orthoses in the management of craniosynostoses.

Partial suturectomy for phenotypical craniosynostosis caused by incomplete fusion of cranial sutures: a novel surgical solution.

A novel de novo DDX3X missense variant in a female with brachycephaly and intellectual disability: a case report.

Clinical assessment and FGFR2 mutation analysis in a Chinese family with Crouzon syndrome: A case report.

Severe neonatal Marfan syndrome with a novel mutation in the intron of the FBN1 gene: A case report.

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