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The Contribution of Community Health Education to Sustainable Control of the Neglected Zoonotic Diseases.

A comparative study on the prevalence and intensity of urinary schistosomiasis among primary (formal) and almajiri (informal) school pupils in kura local government area of Kano State, Nigeria.

Spillover, hybridization, and persistence in schistosome transmission dynamics at the human-animal interface.

Human Fascioliasis (Liver Fluke Disease) in Hawai'i: Case Report and Review of Human Fascioliasis Acquired in the United States.

Splenomegaly: Diagnosis and Management in Adults.

Epidemiological and clinical implications of asymptomatic malaria and schistosomiasis co-infections in a rural community in western Kenya.

Does Schistosoma Mansoni Facilitate Carcinogenesis?

Whole-genome sequencing of Schistosoma mansoni reveals extensive diversity with limited selection despite mass drug administration.

Identification of Snails and Schistosoma of Medical Importance via Convolutional Neural Networks: A Proof-of-Concept Application for Human Schistosomiasis.

Clinical utility of peptide microarrays in the serodiagnosis of neglected tropical diseases in sub-Saharan Africa: protocol for a diagnostic test accuracy systematic review.

Progress of researches on Fasciola and fascioliasis in Yunnan Province.

Hepatic parasitic abscess resistant to traditional anthelmintics: difficulty of diagnosis and treatment of fascioliasis in the USA.

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