Ear Tag

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Condition 101 About Ear Tag

What is the definition of Ear Tag?

An ear tag is a small skin tag or pit in front of the outside part of the ear.

What are the alternative names for Ear Tag?

Preauricular tag; Preauricular pit


Skin tags and pits just in front of the opening of the ear are common in newborn infants.

In most cases, these are normal. However, they can be associated with other medical conditions. It is important to point out skin tags or pits to your child's health care provider during the routine well-child exam.

What are the causes for Ear Tag?

Some causes of an ear tag or pit are:

  • An inherited tendency to have this facial feature
  • A genetic syndrome that includes having these pits or tags
  • A sinus tract problem (an abnormal connection between the skin and tissue underneath)

When should I contact a medical professional for Ear Tag?

Your provider will most often find the skin tag during your first well-baby visit. However, call your provider if your child has bleeding, swelling, or discharge at the site.


Your provider will get a medical history and will do a physical exam.

Medical history questions about this condition might include:

  • What exactly is the problem (skin tag, pit, or other)?
  • Are both ears affected or only one?
  • What other symptoms are present?
  • Does the child respond normally to sounds?

Physical exam:

Your baby will be examined for other signs of disorders that are sometimes associated with ear tags or pits. A hearing test may be done if the child did not have the usual newborn screening test.



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