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  • Condition: Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) in an Oncological Normotensive Patient
  • Journal: Acta bio-medica : Atenei Parmensis
  • Treatment Used: Anti-Edema Therapy, Intravenous Supplementation of Magnesium, and Decoagulation
  • Number of Patients: 1
  • Published —
This case report describes a woman with stage IV breast cancer who developed posterior reversible encephalopathy (PRES) treated with anti-edema therapy, intravenous supplementation of magnesium, and decoagulation.
  • Condition: Pre-eclampsia, Eclampsia
  • Journal: Journal of perinatal medicine
  • Treatment Used: Vitamin D
  • Number of Patients: 300
  • Published —
This study aimed to look at vitamin D levels and deficiency in healthy pregnant women, pregnant women with eclampsia, and pregnant women with pre-eclampsia.
  • Condition: Pregnancy complications in women with recurrent pregnancy loss and factor V Leiden mutation
  • Journal: The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians
  • Treatment Used: Aspirin and/or low molecular weight heparin
  • Number of Patients: 196
  • Published —
The study researched the safety and effectiveness of aspirin and/or low molecular weight heparin for preventing pregnancy complications in women with recurrent pregnancy loss and factor V Leiden mutation.
  • Condition: Eclampsia Prevention in Women with Severe Preeclampsia
  • Journal: Medicine
  • Treatment Used: Serum Magnesium Levels During Magnesium Sulfate Infusion at 1?gram/hour vs. 2?grams/hour
  • Number of Patients: 62
  • Published —
This study compared serum magnesium levels during intravenous infusion of magnesium sulfate at 1?gram/hour versus 2?grams/hour as a maintenance dose to prevent eclampsia (seizures) in pregnant and postpartum women with severe preeclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in urine).
  • Condition: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • Journal: Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Treatment Used: Expectant management versus delviery
  • Number of Patients: 1724
  • Published —
The aim of this study was to compare immediate delivery with expectant management for prevention of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in women with hypertensive disease in pregnancy.
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