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  • Condition: Primary Hypertension (PPH), Advanced Lung Diseases with Right Ventricular Failure, and Uncorrected Congenital Heart Diseases in India
  • Journal: NULL
  • Treatment Used: Combined Heart and Lung Transplantation (CHLTx)
  • Number of Patients: 107
  • Published —
This study analyzed patients undergoing combined heart and lung transplant (CHLTx) with primary pulmonary hypertension(PPH), advanced lung diseases with right ventricular failure, and uncorrected congenital heart diseases.
  • Condition: Dextrocardia, Atrial Septal Defect, and Eisenmenger Syndrome
  • Journal: Journal of cardiac surgery
  • Treatment Used: Venous-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Heart-Lung Transplantation
  • Number of Patients: 1
  • Published —
This case report describes a patient with dextrocardia, atrial septal defect, and Eisenmenger syndrome.
  • Condition: Intracranial Abscess in Eisenmenger Syndrome
  • Journal: World neurosurgery
  • Treatment Used: Emergent Decompression
  • Number of Patients: 1
  • Published —
The case follows a 38-year-old man and his experience with an intracranial abscess in Eisenmenger syndrome.
  • Condition: Eisenmenger Syndrome (ES)
  • Journal: Medicine
  • Treatment Used: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension-Specific Drug Therapy (PAH-SDT)
  • Number of Patients: 456
  • Published —
This review of the literature evaluated the safety and effectiveness of pulmonary arterial hypertension-specific drug therapy (PAH-SDT) for patients with Eisenmenger syndrome (hole in the heart; ES).
  • Condition: Pregnancy complicated with Eisenmenger syndrome
  • Journal: Taiwanese journal of obstetrics & gynecology
  • Treatment Used: Early interventions with meticulous care
  • Number of Patients: 15
  • Published —
The goal of the study was to clarify the risk factors for pregnancy complicated with Eisenmenger syndrome (ES).
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