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Analysis of seven cases of multiple myeloma with initial manifestation of bleeding.

Cardiac Amyloidosis Presenting with Pre-Excitation Syndrome, Heart Failure, and Severe Factor X Deficiency as Part of Systemic Amyloid Light-Chain (AL) Amyloidosis - A Fatal Combination.

Response of factor X deficiency to darutumumab in the treatment of AL amyloidosis: a novel finding.

Coagulation and fibrinolytic features in AL amyloidosis with abnormal bleeding and usefulness of tranexamic acid.

Plasma-derived Factor X therapy for treatment of intracranial bleeding in a patient with Factor X deficiency: a case report.

Prophylactic treatment of bleeding episodes in children <12 years with moderate to severe hereditary factor X deficiency (FXD): Efficacy and safety of a high-purity plasma-derived factor X (pdFX) concentrate.

Use of a High-Purity Factor X Concentrate in Turkish Subjects with Hereditary Factor X Deficiency: Post Hoc Cohort Subanalysis of a Phase 3 Study.

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