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Long-Term Audiometric Outcomes of a Self-Crimping Stapes Prosthesis With CO2 Laser Stapedotomy.
Hearing and Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Otosclerosis after Stapedotomy - a Trial of the SPOT-25 Questionnaire.
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Stapedotomy Versus Hearing Aids in the Management of Conductive Hearing Loss Caused by Otosclerosis: A Prospective Comparative Study.
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Effects of Bisphosphonates on OI-Related Hearing Loss: A Pilot Study

Summary: Osteogenesis Imperfecta-related hearing loss usually occurs in individuals with mild (type I) OI and is much earlier in onset than age-related hearing loss, with the majority of individuals experiencing some minor hearing loss in their 20s. Bisphosphonates have been successfully used to treat otosclerosis, a common cause of hearing loss similar to OI-related hearing loss. As many individuals with ...

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The Structure and the Function of the Taste Buds After the Stapes Surgery and the Patients Quality of Life and it's Correlation to the Change of the Threshold of the Chorda Tympani Electrical Stimulation

Summary: Patients admitted for the otosclerosis operation are included in the study. The Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) of their taste buds is performed before the operation. The sensory function of the anterior 2/3 of the tongue is tested with the two point discrimination discs, the taste is tested with taste strips and the SF-36 questionnaire is applied. During the operation in local anesthesia the threshold ...