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What is the definition of Frey's Syndrome?
Frey's syndrome is a rare, neurological disorder that causes a person to sweat excessively while eating. It most often occurs as a complication of surgery involving the parotid gland (a major salivary gland located below the ear). It may also occur following neck dissection, facelift procedures, or trauma to the area near the parotid gland. The main symptoms include flushing and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) on the cheek, temple, or behind the ear, when eating or thinking about food (gustatory sweating). Some people with Frey's syndrome may experience a burning sensation, itching, or pain around the affected area. The symptoms are usually mild but can be severe, causing significant discomfort or social anxiety. Frey's syndrome is thought to be caused by damage to both the nerves that regulate the sweat glands, and the nerves that regulate the parotid glands. It is believed that the damaged nerves regrow abnormally and connect to the wrong glands. Frey's syndrome is diagnosed based on medical history (e.g. a history of surgery or trauma) and symptoms. The diagnosis can be confirmed with a test called the Minor's starch-iodine test.
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What are the alternative names for Frey's Syndrome?
  • Frey's syndrome
  • Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome
  • Frey syndrome
  • Gustatory sweating
  • Hyperhidrosis gustatory
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Published Date: May 02, 2022
Published By: Genetic and Rare Diseases Informnation Center

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