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Last Updated : 04/20/2022

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Hyperthyroidism treatment by alternative therapies based on cupping and dietary-herbal supplementation: a case report.

Allergic rhinitis, microbiota and passive smoke in children: A pilot study.

Allergenicity to worldwide invasive grass Cortaderia selloana as environmental risk to public health.


Pattern of allergen sensitivity among bronchial asthma patients in Sohag governorate, Egypt.

Mosquito hypersensitivity may be associated with atopic background in children.

New Insights into Intestinal Permeability in Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Like Disorders: Histological and Ultrastructural Findings of Duodenal Biopsies.

Immunogenetic, Molecular and Microbiotic Determinants of Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Clinical Practice-A New Perspective of an Old Disease.

Immunoregulatory T cell epitope peptides for the treatment of allergic disease.

Short term physician visits and medication prescriptions for allergic disease associated with seasonal tree, grass, and weed pollen exposure across the United States.

Evaluation of a pre-co-seasonal and a perennial schedule of a single multiallergen depigmented-polymerized subcutaneous immunotherapy in paediatric patients.

Long-term oral administration of transgenic rice containing cedar pollen T-cell epitopes potentially improves medication- and allergy-related quality-of-life scores.

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Last Updated : 04/20/2022