What is the definition of Hepatic Cystic Hamartoma?

Hepatic cystic hamartoma, also known as mesenchymal hamartoma of liver, is a rare non-cancerous (benign) tumor of the liver that usually occurs in infants and children before the age of two.

What are the symptoms for Hepatic Cystic Hamartoma?

Symptoms of hepatic cystic hamartoma may include a painless lump in the upper right abdomen, swollen abdomen, enlarged liver, respiratory distress, fever, vomiting, swelling of the legs, and heart failure. Hepatic cystic hamartoma may also cause excessive amniotic fluid, weak muscles (fetal hydrops), difficult birth, and stillbirth in the fetus or newborn.

What are the current treatments for Hepatic Cystic Hamartoma?

Treatment for hepatic cystic hamartoma involves surgery to remove the tumor.

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