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Hepatitis E Virus Infection-Immune Responses to an Underestimated Global Threat.

Interplay between Hepatitis E Virus and Host Cell Pattern Recognition Receptors.

Emerging infectious disease and transfusion-transmitted infection.

Hepatitis E and Pregnancy: An Unholy Alliance Unmasked from Kashmir, India.

Viral hepatitis: Milestones, unresolved issues, and future goals.

Hepatitis E virus as a trigger for Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Hepatits E virus can cause neurological disorders.

Hepatitis E-related meningoradiculitis.

Viral hepatitis update: Progress and perspectives.

Prevention of vertical transmission of hepatitis B virus infection.

Full-length genome sequencing of RNA viruses-How the approach can enlighten us on hepatitis C and hepatitis E viruses.

Update on the management and treatment of viral hepatitis.

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