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Last Updated : 04/20/2022

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Rehabilitation in the Setting of Untreated Cancer-Associated Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Tumor Flare Reaction in a Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma Patient Treated With Brentuximab Vedotin and Tislelizumab: A Case Report.

Advanced stages of classical Hodgkin lymphoma - first-line treatment options.

Response-adapted omission of radiotherapy and comparison of consolidation chemotherapy in children and adolescents with intermediate-stage and advanced-stage classical Hodgkin lymphoma (EuroNet-PHL-C1): a titration study with an open-label, embedded, multinational, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial.

Anti-Angiogenic Agent Combined with Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy Showed Activity in Patients With Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Who Have Failed Immunotherapy: A Retrospective Case Report Study.

Recurrence-specific supervised graph clustering for subtyping Hodgkin Lymphoma radiomic phenotypes.

Double-refractory Hodgkin lymphoma: tackling relapse after brentuximab vedotin and checkpoint inhibitors.

Controversies in the management of early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma.

How to choose first salvage therapy in Hodgkin lymphoma: traditional chemotherapy vs novel agents.

Accuracy of Pathologic Diagnosis in Patients With Lymphoma and Survival: A Prospective Analysis From Botswana.

Body mass index is not associated with survival outcomes and immune-related adverse events in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma treated with the immune checkpoint inhibitor nivolumab.

Novel Adenosine Deaminase 2 (ADA2) Mutations Associated With Hematological Manifestations.

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Last Updated : 04/20/2022