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Last Updated : 05/19/2022

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A case report of drug-induced liver injury after tigecycline administration: histopathological evidence and a probable causality grading as assessed by the updated RUCAM diagnostic scale.

Endoscopic transluminal drainage for infected pancreatic necrosis.

Risk factors of stroke complicated with hospital-acquired pneumonia: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies.

Identification and detection of pathogenic bacteria from patients with hospital-acquired pneumonia in southwestern Iran; evaluation of biofilm production and molecular typing of bacterial isolates.

Sex Differences in Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients: Retrospective Cohort Study using Hospital Discharge Data in Spain (2016-2019).

Prognostic utility of CURB-65 and E-CURB-65 scoring systems in healthcare associated pneumonia patients: Short- and long-term mortality.

Alveolar Macrophages: Adaptation to Their Anatomic Niche during and after Inflammation.

ECMO Support in Pre-B-Cell ALL for Disseminated Legionnaire's Disease.

Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing of Bloodstream Microbial Cell-Free Nucleic Acid in Children With Suspected Sepsis in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Ceftolozane/tazobactam versus meropenem in patients with ventilated hospital-acquired bacterial pneumonia: subset analysis of the ASPECT-NP randomized, controlled phase 3 trial.

Impact of early corticosteroids on 60-day mortality in critically ill patients with COVID-19: A multicenter cohort study of the OUTCOMEREA network.

Multiresistent Cupriavidus pauculus infection in an immunocompromised elderly patient.

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Last Updated : 05/19/2022