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One-year aerobic exercise altered cerebral vasomotor reactivity in mild cognitive impairment.

Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction and Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.

Refractory and resistant hypertension in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: differences in metabolic profile and endothelial function.

Ethosuximide, sodium valproate or lamotrigine for absence seizures in children and adolescents.

Response to Vagal Stimulation by Heart-rate Features in Drug-resistant Epileptic Patients.

His bundle pacing - a curative method: A Case Report.

Feasibility and effectiveness of palliative intensity-modulated radiotherapy for carotid sinus syndrome secondary to recurrent head and neck cancer.

Breathing pattern disorders (dysfunctional breathing) characteristics and outcomes of children and young people attending a secondary care respiratory clinic.

Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia/Neuropathy with Hemodynamic Instability and Associated Syncope Treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

Vericiguat in Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction.

Breathing exercises for adults with asthma.

Effects of respiratory rate on venous-to-arterial CO2 tension difference in septic shock patients undergoing volume mechanical ventilation.

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