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Linear and Continuous Flavivirus Epitopes From Naturally Infected Humans.

The emerging role of perivascular cells (pericytes) in viral pathogenesis.

Immunogenicity and safety of concomitant inoculation of Measles and rubella combined live vaccine and Japanese encephalitis attenuated live vaccine.

Molecular detection and identification of Culex flavivirus in mosquito species from Jeju, Republic of Korea.

Lives saved with vaccination for 10 pathogens across 112 countries in a pre-COVID-19 world.

Mosquito Vector Competence for Japanese Encephalitis Virus.

Long-Term Outcomes in Children Surviving Tropical Arboviral Encephalitis: A Systematic Review.

Application of multiple omics and network projection analyses to drug repositioning for pathogenic mosquito-borne viruses.

Development of a highly specific serodiagnostic ELISA for West Nile virus infection using subviral particles.

Monitoring Mosquito-Borne Arbovirus in Various Insect Regions in China in 2018.

Estimating the health impact of vaccination against ten pathogens in 98 low-income and middle-income countries from 2000 to 2030: a modelling study.

Inhibition of Japanese encephalitis virus proliferation by long non-coding RNA SUSAJ1 in PK-15 cells.

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