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What is the definition of Ledderhose Disease?
Ledderhose disease is a type of plantar fibromatosis characterized by the growth of hard and round or flattened nodules (lumps) on the soles of the feet. It typically affects both feet and progresses slowly, but not indefinitely. The nodules are often painless at first, but may cause pain when walking as they grow. People with Ledderhose disease may also have other conditions associated with the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue such as Dupuytren contracture, knuckle pads, or Peyronie disease. Repeated trauma, long-term alcohol consumption, chronic liver disease, diabetes, and epilepsy have also been reported in association with this condition. The exact cause of Ledderhose disease is not known, but heredity is thought to play a role in many cases.
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What are the alternative names for Ledderhose Disease?
  • Ledderhose disease
  • Lederhose disease
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What are the latest Ledderhose Disease Clinical Trials?
Ledderhose Disease: Radiotherapy or Not? A Randomised, Multicentre, Prospective, Double Blind Phase III Trial Investigating the Effect of Radiotherapy on Patients With Ledderhose Disease

Summary: The aim of the LedRad trial is to determine the efficacy and durability of radiotherapy as treatment for patients with Ledderhose disease and to compare this to the natural course of Ledderhose disease.

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A Multi-Center, Open-Label, Extension Study to Evaluate the Long-Term Safety, Efficacy, and Durability of EN3835 in the Treatment and Retreatment of Plantar Fibromatosis

Summary: Assess the long-term safety and efficacy of EN3835 in participants who have participated in a parent placebo-controlled study of EN3835 and assess the efficacy and safety of EN3835 in the treatment and retreatment of Plantar Fibromatosis.

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Published Date: May 02, 2022
Published By: Genetic and Rare Diseases Informnation Center

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Radiotherapy for Plantar Fibromas (Ledderhose Disease).
Sorafenib in Dupuytren and Ledderhose Disease.
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