Learn About Long QT Syndrome

What is the definition of Long QT Syndrome?
Long QT syndrome is a heart disorder characterized by rapid, irregular heartbeats caused by a signaling abnormality in the heart’s electrical system. The QT interval refers to the time it takes for the heart’s electrical system to make the ventricles of the heart contract and then recover. In long QT syndrome, there is a delay in the time it takes for the electrical system to recover between each heartbeat. This delay can cause rapid, irregular, and life-threatening ventricular contractions, also known as torsade de pointes.
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What are the symptoms of Long QT Syndrome?
Some individuals with long QT syndrome may not have any symptoms. Symptoms of long QT syndrome include fainting, also called syncope, which may or may not be preceded by blurred vision, lightheadedness, palpitations, and weakness. In individuals with long QT syndrome, fainting may occur in response to being startled, excited, angry, or scared. Symptoms of long QT syndrome may also occur during sleep or when awakened suddenly. In some individuals, long QT syndrome may cause seizures. If the heart does not return to its normal rhythm after a long QT episode, cardiac arrest and sudden death may occur.
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What are the different types of Long QT Syndrome?
What are the current treatments for Long QT Syndrome?
Treatment for long QT syndrome depends on the type and location. Treatment for long QT syndrome is focused on preventing irregular heartbeats, cardiac arrest, and sudden death. Treatment for long QT syndrome may include lifestyle changes, such as avoiding intense exercise; medications, such as beta blockers and mexiletine; surgery, such as left cardiac sympathetic denervation or cardioverter-defibrillator implantation.
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What are some Advocacy Organizations?

Simon’s Heart is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about, and preventing deaths from, conditions that cause sudden cardiac arrest in children.