Condition 101 About Mononeuritis Multiplex

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Top Global Doctors For Mononeuritis Multiplex

Daniele Coraci
Rome, IT
Luca Padua
Rome, IT
Andrzej Zyluk
Szczecin, ZP, PL
Mauro Mondelli
Siena, IT

Latest Advances On Mononeuritis Multiplex

  • Condition: Piriformis Syndrome (PS)
  • Journal: Journal of long-term effects of medical implants
  • Treatment Used: Computed Tomography (CT)-Guided Percutaneous Infiltrations
  • Number of Patients: 20
  • Published —
This study evaluated the effectiveness of computed tomography (CT)-guided percutaneous (through the skin) infiltration in patients with piriformis syndrome (compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle; PS).
  • Condition: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Journal: Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences
  • Treatment Used: Tramadol Versus Prednisone with Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Number of Patients: 60
  • Published —
In this study, researchers compared the effectiveness of tramadol versus prednisone with therapeutic ultrasound for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome in Chinese patients.

Clinical Trials For Mononeuritis Multiplex

Clinical Trial
  • Status: Recruiting
  • Phase: Phase 4
  • Intervention Type: Drug, Other
  • Participants: 60
  • Start Date: December 2021
The Effect of Theraworx Foam on the Cross-sectional Area of the Median Nerve in Patients With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Clinical Trial
  • Status: Not yet recruiting
  • Phase: N/A
  • Intervention Type: Procedure
  • Participants: 134
  • Start Date: April 20, 2021
Ultrasound Guided - Incisionless Thread Carpal Tunnel Release Versus Standard Mini-Open Carpal Tunnel Release for the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Randomized Trial