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Benefits and risks of antiplatelet medication in hemodynamically stable adult moyamoya disease.

Moyamoya Disease and Syndrome: A National Inpatient Study of Ischemic Stroke Predictors.

Outcome Following Surgical Revascularization in Patients of Moyamoya Disease with Focus on Graft Patency and Angiographic Changes.

Characteristic Pattern of the Cerebral Hemodynamic Changes in the Acute Stage After Combined Revascularization Surgery for Adult Moyamoya Disease: N-isopropyl-p-123I iodoamphetamine Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography Study.

Combined cerebral revascularization for moyamoya disease.

Use of Direct Intracranial Pressure and Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring in Perioperative Management of Patients with Moyamoya Disease.

Association of Antiplatelet Therapy, Including Cilostazol, With Improved Survival in Patients With Moyamoya Disease in a Nationwide Study.

Effects of end-tidal carbon dioxide levels in patients undergoing direct revascularization for Moyamoya disease and risk factors associated with postoperative complications.

Clinical outcomes after revascularization for pediatric moyamoya disease and syndrome: A single-center series.

Deep Brain Stimulation and Thalamotomy for the Treatment of Dystonia Acquired by Moyamoya Disease with Stroke.

Ruptured Aneurysm of an Aplastic or Twig-like Middle Cerebral Artery with Ring Finger Protein 213 Mutation:A Case Report.

Postoperative Functional Outcomes and Prognostic Factors in Two Types of Adult Moyamoya Diseases.

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