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Toxic reaction of a 3-year-old boy due to Hornet multiple stings in Kerman-Iran province: A case report.
No effect of triheptanoin in patients with phosphofructokinase deficiency.
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Psychosis-Induced Exertional Rhabdomyolysis without Acute Kidney Injury or Myoglobinuria.
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Effect of Supplementation With Alpha-amino Acid Derivatives on the Level of Systemic Inflammatory Response and Post-workout Kidney Damage in Long Distance Runners

Summary: It is also noteworthy that the imbalance between the production, supply and elimination of especially α-amino acids may contribute to the intensification of the inflammatory response and the subsequent burden of the renal tubules, which may result in damage and developing chronic renal failure. Among the many amino acids used in sports, arginine and its metabolites deserve special attention. The r...

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