Ogilvie Syndrome

Condition 101

What is the definition of Ogilvie Syndrome?

Ogilvie syndrome is a rare condition that affects the large intestines (colon). Although the signs and symptoms mimic those of an intestinal blockage, there is no physical obstruction. Instead, the symptoms are due to nerve or muscle problems that affect peristalsis (the involuntary, rhythmic muscul ...

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What are the alternative names for Ogilvie Syndrome?

  • Ogilvie's syndrome
  • Acute colonic ileus
  • Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction
  • ACPO

Latest Research

Latest Advance
  • Condition: Proximal Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction and Related Symptoms
  • Journal: Diseases of the colon and rectum
  • Treatment Used: Colonic Decompression
  • Number of Patients: 144
  • Published —
This study compared the effectiveness of colonic decompression with standard medical therapy (supportive and pharmacologic therapy) to standard medical therapy alone in the treatment of acute colonic pseudo-obstruction.
Latest Advance
  • Condition: Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction (Ogilvie's Syndrome)
  • Journal: ANZ journal of surgery
  • Treatment Used: Subcutaneous Neostigmine
  • Number of Patients: 30
  • Published —
This study assessed the safety of subcutaneous neostigmine in patients with acute colonic pseudo-obstruction (Ogilvie's syndrome).

Clinical Trials

There are no recent clinical trials available for this condition. Please check back because new trials are being conducted frequently.