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A new minimally invasive technique for correction of pectus carinatum.

Cardiopulmonary function in adolescent patients with pectus excavatum or carinatum.

RAB33B and PCNT variants in two Pakistani families with skeletal dysplasia and short stature.

Tricorhinophalangeal Syndrome type 1: a novel variant and Perthes-like hip changes as first manifestation.

Pectus carinatum as the key to early diagnosis of Morquio A syndrome: a case report.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in a child with Kartagener`s syndrome.

Orthotic Bracing or Minimally Invasive Surgery? A Summary of 767 Pectus Carinatum Cases for 9 Years.

Surgical correction of pectus carinatum.

Does physiotherapy applied in conjunction with compression brace treatment in patients with pectus carinatum have efficacy? A preliminary randomized-controlled study.

External Compressive Bracing With Initial Reduction of Pectus Carinatum: Compliance Is the Key.

Outcomes Following Dynamic Compression Bracing for Pectus Carinatum.

Effectiveness of Compressive External Bracing in Patients with Flexible Pectus Carinatum Deformity: A Review.

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