What are the alternative names for Photosensitive Epilepsy?

  • PSE
  • Condition: Sunflower Syndrome
  • Journal: Epileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape
  • Treatment Used: Antiepileptic Drugs (AEDs) and Non-Pharmacological Strategies
  • Number of Patients: 24
  • Published —
This review examined pediatric patients with Sunflower syndrome (light-induced seizures) and its treatments.
  • Condition: Autosomal Dominant Sleep-related Hypermotor Epilepsy
  • Journal: Epilepsy & behavior : E&B
  • Treatment Used: Nicotine Patch
  • Number of Patients: 3
  • Published —
In this study, researchers evaluated the outcomes of nicotine patches for the treatment of autosomal dominant sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy in children.
Clinical Trial
  • Status: Recruiting
  • Phase: N/A
  • Intervention Type: Device
  • Participants: 76
  • Start Date: February 20, 2021
Efficacy of New Lenses in Abolishing Photoparoxysmal Responses in Paediatric Patients With Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE)
Clinical Trial
  • Status: Enrolling by invitation
  • Phase: N/A
  • Intervention Type: Device
  • Participants: 80
  • Start Date: July 29, 2019
Effects of PlayStation®VR on the Health-Related Quality of Life in Stroke Patients Undergoing Inpatient Rehabilitation: a Pilot Study