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Condition 101

Condition 101 content is not available at this time, but we are continually updating the site. Please check back.

However, there may be experts who have treated this or similar conditions in our Find a Doctor section and research may be available in our Latest Research section.

Latest Research

Latest Advance
  • Condition: Ventricular Shunts
  • Journal: The Journal of craniofacial surgery
  • Treatment Used: Cranial Vault Remodeling
  • Number of Patients: 11
  • Published —
This study tested the safety and efficacy of using cranial vault remodeling to treat children with ventricular shunt complications.
Latest Advance
  • Condition: Strabismus in Unicoronal Craniosynostosis
  • Journal: Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Treatment Used: Fronto-Orbital Advancement and Remodeling
  • Number of Patients: 48
  • Published —
This study determined what craniometric changes occur to both orbits of patients with unicoronal craniosynostosis (premature fusion of skull sutures) undergoing fronto-orbital advancement and remodeling, and which of these changes are associated with new onset of postoperative strabismus (cross-eye).

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial
Diagnostic Test
  • Status: Not yet recruiting
  • Study Type: Diagnostic Test
  • Participants: 100
  • Start Date: October 2020
Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Craniosynostosis Repair