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Last Updated: 01/20/2023

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Role of progressive urethral dilation and primary valve ablation in the long-term renal outcomes of small, preterm infants with posterior urethral valve.

Spontaneous bladder rupture secondary to posterior urethral valves in a boy with Down syndrome.

Posterior Urethral Valve and Prenataly Resolved Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney.

Posterior urethral valves masquerading as neuropathic bladder following sacrococcygeal teratoma resection.

Serial voiding urosonography in posterior urethral valve diagnosis and management in pediatric patients.

Effect of Early Oxybutynin Treatment on Posterior Urethral Valve Outcomes in Infants: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Nonsecretory intestinocystoplasty: postoperative outcomes of 25 years.

Long-term Outcome of Renal Transplantation in Patients with Congenital Lower Urinary Tract Malformations: A Multicenter Study.

Long-term outcome of pediatric renal transplantation in boys with posterior urethral valves.

Paediatric cystolitholapaxy through the Mitrofanoff/Monti channel.

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Last Updated: 01/20/2023