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Multiple basal cell carcinomas in Gorlin Syndrome treated with pulsed dye laser.
Lhermitte-Duclos disease: A case report and literature review.
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A Pilot Study of Sirolimus in Subjects with Cowden Syndrome or Other Syndromes Characterized by Germline Mutations in PTEN.
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A Multi-Cohort Phase 2 Dose-Escalation Study of MK-7075 (Miransertib) in Proteus Syndrome

Background: Proteus syndrome is a rare overgrowth disorder. Most people begin to have symptoms between 6 months and 2 years of age. There are very few living adults with this disease. There is also no known treatment for it. Researchers want to see if a new drug can slow down or stop overgrowth in people with Proteus syndrome.

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Familial Investigations of Childhood Cancer Predisposition

Summary: NOTE: This is a research study and is not meant to be a substitute for clinical genetic testing. Families may never receive results from the study or may receive results many years from the time they enroll. If you are interested in clinical testing please consider seeing a local genetic counselor or other genetics professional. If you have already had clinical genetic testing and meet eligibility...