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Spinal and sacroiliac involvement in SAPHO syndrome: A single center study of a cohort of 354 patients.
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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Treatment of Chronic Therapy-refractory Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Summary: Prospective randomized controlled study, primary objective: Pain reduction in patients with chronic Sacroiliac joint pain after therapy either with Peripheral Nerve Stimulation or with best medical treatment. Randomization 4:3 to operative (PNS=Peripheral Nerve Stimulation) arm or conservative (BMT= Best Medical Treatment) arm with crossover possibility for the BMT group after 6 months.

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Effects of Core Stabilization Exercises With and Without Dry Cupping on Pain and Disability in Patients With Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Summary: The aim of this study is to compare the effects of core stabilization exercises with and without dry cupping on pain and disability in patients with sacroiliac joint dysfunction.