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Short stature due to intrauterine growth retardation. Clinical and hormonal-metabolic features, possibilities of growth-stimulating therapy.
Efficacy of recombinant human growth hormone treatment in children born small for gestational age with syndromic and non-syndromic short stature.
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Effect of weekly 17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate on small for gestational age among pregnant women with HIV in Zambia.
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Phase 1 Safety Evaluation of PfSPZ Vaccine in Pregnant Women in Mali (MalVIP1)

Objectives: Primary Objectives: -To describe the safety of PfSPZ Vaccine at 9x105 PfSPZ at dosing schedule of 1, 8, 29 days in pregnant women and their fetuses using a composite measure of adverse maternal and birth outcomes Secondary Objectives: To describe the safety and tolerability of PfSPZ Vaccine at 9x10^5 PfSPZ at dosing schedule of 1, 8, 29 days in pregnant women and their fetuses using solicited adve...

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The Benralizumab Pregnancy Exposure Study: A VAMPSS Post Marketing Surveillance Study

Summary: This is a prospective, observational, exposure cohort study of pregnancy and infant outcomes in women with asthma exposed to benralizumab anytime during pregnancy, or within 8 weeks prior to the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP) The objective of the study is to monitor planned or unplanned pregnancies to evaluate potential teratogenic effect (birth defect) when exposed to benralizumab c...