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  • Condition: Advanced Pediatric Vasoproliferative Disorders with Total Retinal Detachments
  • Journal: Graefe's archive for clinical and experimental ophthalmology = Albrecht von Graefes Archiv fur klinische und experimentelle Ophthalmologie
  • Treatment Used: Subretinal Injection of Ranibizumab (SRR)
  • Number of Patients: 26
  • Published —
This study described the surgical procedures, outcomes, and complications of a novel technique of subretinal injection of ranibizumab (SRR) in the treatment of children with vascularly active total retinal detachments in one or both eyes.
  • Condition: Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV)
  • Journal: International ophthalmology
  • Treatment Used: Direct-acting antiviral treatment
  • Number of Patients: 200
  • Published —
The aim of this study is to detect the incidence of ocular complications encountered in chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients treated with direct-acting antiviral drugs.
  • Condition: Subluxated Lens
  • Journal: Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University
  • Treatment Used: Femtosecond Laser Technology
  • Number of Patients: 25
  • Published —
This study tested the safety and efficacy of using femtosecond laser technology to treat patients with subluxated lens.
  • Condition: Periocular and/or Orbital Amyloidosis
  • Journal: Journal francais d'ophtalmologie
  • Treatment Used: Various Treatments
  • Number of Patients: 6
  • Published —
This study investigated the prevalence and treatment of periocular and/or orbital amyloidosis.
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