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Ureteroscopic evaluation and treatment of benign essential hematuria: a systematic review.
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Primary Sjögren syndrome-associated acute interstitial nephritis and type 3 renal tubular acidosis in a patient with thin basement membrane nephropathy: A case report.
What are the latest Thin Basement Membrane Nephropathy Clinical Trials?
European Alport Therapy Registry - European Initiative Towards Delaying Renal Failure in Alport Syndrome: Current and Novel Therapies

Summary: The hereditary type IV collagen disease Alport syndrome inevitably leads to end-stage renal disease. Currently there are no therapies known to improve outcome. Our non-interventional, observational study investigates, if medications such as ACE-inhibitors can (1) delay time to dialysis and (2) improve life-expectancy within three generations of Alport-families in Europe.

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Study of Complications Related to Treatments in Adults Aged 18 to 65 Years Old Responding to a First Treatment in Oncology or Onco-hematology and Participating in the PASCA (PArcours de Santé au Cours du CAncer) Post-treatment Program.

Summary: INTRODUCTION: Approximately 44% of cancer survivors experience a deteriorated quality of life 5 years after diagnosis due to late onset of complications related to cancer treatments. The objective of the study is to evaluate the incidence rates of treatment-related complications, identify sub-clinical abnormalities and risk factors in patients participating in the PASCA post-treatment program. MET...