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A 7-Year-Old Boy and a 14-Year-Old Girl Initially Diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome and Tested Positive for SARS-CoV-2 Infection, Supporting a Diagnosis of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C).

The impact of selenium administration on severe sepsis or septic shock: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Clostridium perfringens of unclear origin causing pelvic inflammatory disease and toxic shock syndrome in a previously healthy young woman.

A prospective, randomised clinical study comparing triple therapy regimen to hydrocortisone monotherapy in reducing mortality in septic shock patients.

Effect of focused cardiopulmonary ultrasonography on clinical outcome of septic shock: a randomized study.

Nutrition in open abdomen.

Unsatisfactory Short-Term Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Preterm Infants Who Received Polymyxin B-Immobilized Fiber Column-Direct Hemoperfusion for Septic Shock.

Randomized Controlled Trial of Ultrasound-guided Fluid Resuscitation of Sepsis-Induced Hypoperfusion and Septic Shock.

Norepinephrine in Septic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

Effect of early acupoint electrical stimulation on lower limb muscle strength in patients with septic shock.

A case report of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome caused by Streptococcus mitis in a healthy adult.

Hemodynamic and anti-inflammatory effects of early esmolol use in hyperkinetic septic shock: a pilot study.

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