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Saline contrast echocardiography complements cardiac interventions in neonates with transposition of great arteries and abnormal ductus venosus anatomy.

Risk Factors for Reoperation After Arterial Switch Operation.

Percutaneous paravalvular leak closure with their outcomes: A single center experience.

Closure of Multiple Ventricular Septal Defects by the Sandwich Technique and Pulmonary Artery Plasty after Arterial Switch Operation.

Double-root inversion for complex malposition of the great arteries with tricuspid valve straddling.

Hypoxia due to unusual right to left shunt after arterial switch surgery.

A 300-kb microduplication of 7q36.3 in a patient with triphalangeal thumb-polysyndactyly syndrome combined with congenital heart disease and optic disc coloboma: a case report.

KLF13 loss-of-function variation contributes to familial congenital heart defects.

Half-turned truncal switch operation after single ventricle palliation in a patient with borderline left heart hypoplasia.

Revisiting Damus-Kaye-Stansel Procedure for Taussig-Bing Anomaly in Adults;Report of a Case.

Bi-ventricular repair of double outlet left ventricle: Experience and review of the literature.

Staged repair of transposition of the great arteries with anomalous coronary anatomy and complete atrioventricular canal.

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