What is the definition of Wieacker Wolff Syndrome?

Wieacker Woolf syndrome is a rare X-linked recessive genetic disorder of the joints, muscles, and intellect that mainly occurs in males.

What are the symptoms for Wieacker Wolff Syndrome?

Symptoms of Wieacker Woolf syndrome include progressive muscle degeneration, joint deformities of the feet (contractures), inability to move some muscles in the eyes, face, and tongue, and mild intellectual disability. Muscle weakness may cause respiratory distress. Some individuals may also have curvature of the spine (scoliosis), spasticity, or seizures.

What are the current treatments for Wieacker Wolff Syndrome?

Treatment for Wieacker Woolf syndrome focuses on alleviating the symptoms and supportive care and may include speech therapy, physical therapy, and surgery.

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